Exporter of furniture, equipment, machinery, spares, consumables,
and food and beverage items for the Hospitality Industry

Specialist in Portion Packs, Seasonal Items,
and in Items for Consumers with Special Dietary Needs

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The manufacturers of our merchandise have been selected carefully, and according to strict performance criteria.

While - obviously - their products have to fit into our portfolio, our suppliers first and foremost have to show outstanding performance in all of the following aspects:

  • Consistently High Product Quality
  • Up-to-date Technology
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Stable Pricing Policy
  • Dependable & Timeous Deliveries
  • Development of New Product Lines
  • Our suppliers want to penetrate into new markets, just as we do.
    They are willing to develop a business relationship cautiously, ready to grow from a small beginning.


    At Vintex Trading, we are committed to trading fairly with suppliers and customers alike, and in so doing earn a fair reward for our efforts. We shall at all times give the best possible service. We shall be honest and ethical in all our dealings. We aim to meet the reasonable expectations of our trading partners, to perform to their satisfaction, and to earn their respect.